Contact: When quoting and booking your removal with our company it is advisable to nominate one person involved in your move as the main contact person with our office. This can help to ensure that timely information is communicated to the right person, especially if there are several people involved.

Our staff has instant access to your records and any staff member can be at your assistance when required.

Dismantling Furniture: Some items of your furniture may require dismantaling from their assembled state so that they are fit for transport. In particular, items that were originally purchased in a flat packed state (i.e brought in a box) should be dismantled before transport to reduce risk and space required.

When you moved into your current premises did anything require dismantling in order to fit through doorways, stairwells etc? Have you brought something and encountered the same problem? If so, it is likely that the same actions will be required upon removing the furniture. Plan ahead and have all relevant furniture dismantled (and parts labeled) the day before your removal.