• What is a backload service?

    Backloading is a term used by removalists, when referring to a load (or loads) that are picked up at a lower price, for the return journey of a vehicle. This term is also often interchanged with the term consolidating.

  • What is the easiest way for me to create an inventory?

    The easiest way to create your inventory is by using our online quote request. Here the majority of household effects are listed and if they are not you can simply add them.

  • What if I start packing and my cartons look like being less than what I estimated, or I wish to change items from my original inventory?

    If this occurs, simply phone or email us with the correct inventory (or just the changes) and we will happily requote you based on what you are actually moving, up to 24hrs prior to the day before your removal.

  • What if on the day of my removal I wish to move additional items?

    Provided there is room on the conveying vehicle, we will happily move your extra items, however please be aware that these items are not covered in your original quotation and will attract extra charges.

  • Are you able to transport pot plants?

    Yes we are, if the plants are being relocated locally then they are normally loaded last inside the container.

  • Are you able to transport my pet?

    We can organise for the transport of your pet (no it won’t go in the container with your goods!!!). Simply contact one of our friendly staff and we can assist you with all your pet transport needs.

  • What if my pet requires a special diet?

    We can cater for any special diets your pet may have and we have a 24 hour vet service available to ensure your pets are cared for at all times.

  • Can you board pets?

    We certainly can, either at origin or destination and should you pet require vaccinations, flea washes or worming, we can take care of that too! Back to Top

  • What transit time should I expect to allow for my goods to arrive at their destination?

    All of our transit times are estimates only (unless you have requested and paid for an express service) and are based on 4 – 14 working days, for all interstate freight.

  • What if I am unable to take delivery of my Interstate goods due to settlement issues, travel arrangements or work commitments?

    Rest assured, we have agents throughout Australia with secured and monitored storage warehouses.

  • What is Redelivery?

    Redelivery occurs when your goods have arrived at their destination but you are unable to have them delivered at that time. Your goods will then be unloaded into store, to be redelivered at a later date.

  • What is a pre pack service?

    A pre pack service is when the company comes to your home prior to the removal (generally the day before) and packs all of your personal effects (yes even Tupperware) into cartons, ready for the removalist to pick up on your uplift date.

  • What is a Consolidation Service?

    Consolidating a load means, only paying for the portion of a container or truck that your goods take up, the rest of the space is paid for by other people’s goods.

  • What is a standard removal carton and book carton and where can they be purchased?

    A standard carton is known to many people as a t-chest and has dimensions of 65cm x 45cm square. A book carton is smaller than the standard carton and has dimensions of 40cm x 45cm square. These can be purchased direct from us (in most instances).

  • Can plastic tubs / containers be used for packing?

    At Moving Professionals, we strongly recommend not using these for packing. They are not designed for travel and as such are prone to breaking, They do not spread weight evenly and are often made of flimsy material. Pack into cartons instead.

  • Why do cartons need to be packed tightly and to the top?

    If cartons are not packed to the top, they will compress when stacked upon and this may lead to damage to items packed in the carton. Like wise, if there is room for compression on the sides, crushing can occur.

  • Can any tape be used to make and seal cartons?

    No. There are many different types of tape and the appropriate tape should be used. Masking tape, whilst useful around the home, will not hold a carton together or closed during a removal.

  • What is the best way to transport wine, clothes and paintings?

    The best way to transport these items is in cartons specifically made for that purpose. Wine cartons (wine), portarobes (hanging clothes) picture packs (paintings) can all be purchased from a variety of sources.

  • Is there a benefit to using packing paper (white) as opposed to newspaper when wrapping glassware and fragile’s?

    The main benefit to you is that the glassware won’t need to be washed upon arrival if packing paper has been used. For many people, the last thing they want to do is wash every piece of glass and crockery upon unpacking at their destination.

  • Will my home and contents insurance company cover my removal?

    This is something we can’t answer as some companies / policies do include it and others don’t. You will need to contact your insurer and check with them.

  • What is meant by an express service?

    Express service means, that if you require your goods at your destination on or by a certain date, we can arrange it. There is of course a higher cost component and often you will not be able to consolidate such a load.

  • Why should removal cartons be used?

    Removal cartons are the safest way to pack your items. They have many benefits, the least of which is, they are built for the job you require them to do.

  • Can I move self assembled furniture?

    Self assembly furniture (flat pak) should be disassembled. The screws and fastenings that are used to hold these items together do not stand up to the rigours of interstate travel.


  • If we are moving your car, your vehicle will be insured, without you taking out a separate policy, during transit. For full details of coverage, please contact one of our friendly office staff by phone 1800 888464 or via email sales@movingprofessionals.com. au
  • What items can be left in the vehicle?

  • The only items that can be left in the vehicle are the spare wheel and jack. No other items may be left in your vehicle during transit.
  • Can you transport non drivable vehicles ?

  • For your vehicle to be transported, it must be drivable. It does not have to be registered but we must be able to drive it onto the conveying vehicle.
  • Where can you pick up vehicles and deliver them to?

  • We can organise for pick up and delivery to almost anywhere in Australia. In order to keep costs down, most people opt for the service that requires them to deliver their car to the depot (metro area) and pick up from their destination depot.
  • Can you transport motorbikes?

  • Yes we can transport motorbikes, as long as they are suitably crated for transport to ensure they are fully protected in our containers and on our trucks.
  • Can you transport boats / caravans / trailers / jet skis?

  • At Australia National Removals Group, we can organise for the transportation of just about any vehicle. Whether it be your motor home, caravan, box trailer or boat, we can organise to move it for you.